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Gesamkunstwerk Project

Gesamkunstwerk Project

BA Ceramics Students – Cardiff School of Art & Design

Oriel Cafe Gallery

01 December 2018 until 19 January 2019




Gesam = Total

Kunst = Art

Werk = Work

The humble and ubiquitous ‘bowl’ is a form so familiar that it often goes unseen, blending into shelving, table tops, covered one beneath another, on draining boards, beneath food. It is at once so tightly woven into our domestic scene that it becomes all but invisible and at the same time punctuates our lives, sustains us.

In the first 6 weeks of their final year the BA students from CSAD are set the challenge to identify and distil the core characteristics of their individual practice into the form of a ‘bowl’. It is indeed a challenge, to retain the integrity of their ideas within a form not necessarily the prior focus of their work. In doing so the students must identify strongly with the nature of their practice in order that they retain a sense of integrity in the outcome.

The results are not simply ‘bowls’ - if there can ever be such a thing - but rather, a distillation of the practice of the graduating ceramics students 2019, a rich platform on which they will now build their final body of degree show work. 




Main Gallery

02 February 2019 until 16 March 2019


Several years before his death, artist William Brown proposed a three artist exhibition exploring the theme of Venus. William had for some years, prompted by his ‘discovery’ of a small carved votive figure in a cave above the village of Blaengwynfi, produced paintings and prints on the theme.

Roger Moss and Keith Bayliss have researched and produced new work in a variety of media – painting, prints, drawings and sculpture to accompany some of William Brown’s originals. The exhibition includes three bronze figures of ‘Venus’ one from each of the artists.