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[vinegar & brown paper]

[vinegar & brown paper]

03 February 2018 until 17 March 2018

Craft showcase

[vinegar & brown paper] is Andy Poplar. An award winning advertising creative, he decided to quit his job because he needed to do something different with his life. After a while he came up with the idea of etching glass. He takes classic and iconic items and turns them into beautifully crafted and unique pieces with his unique brand of quirky humour.

“I spend my days working at a desk with a Remington typewriter and a 1940s Bakelite telephone on it. The phone will never ring, the ink on the typewriter ribbon has long faded out – but there they sit – one a stand for my iPhone, the other used for holding paper. New ways of looking at old things – it’s a theme in all my work I guess.”


[vinegar & brown paper] was awarded the Llantarnam Grange Showcase Award at Made by Hand at City Hall, Cardiff in November 2017.