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Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre  is an incorporated charity, charity registration number 1006933 and also a company limited by guarantee number 02616241.

Governed by a Board of Trustees/Director, the day-to-day management, running and programming of the centre is delegated to the Centre Director and team of dedicated staff.  The structure and operation of the Board is defined by the organisation’s governing constitution. This defines how the Board is appointed; the rules under which it must conduct its meetings; and how the organisation must carry out its business.

Our Public Beneficiary Statement is published annually and our report and accounts submitted to the Charities Commission. The Public Benficiary Statement demonstrates that our programme of activities meet our charitable objects and illustrate that our work is of public benefit.

Business Summary:

Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre (LGAC) opened in 1966 and now typically engages with around 45,000 people each year. Audiences engage with our projects at the centre, other venues across the country, take part in outreach activities and engage with us digitally. Our exhibitions programme supports artists at all stages of their career, while also providing our audiences with an opportunity to access creative work of the highest quality. Participation, engagement and education lie at the heart of what we do and we will continue to build on our successes, reinforcing our position as a valued resource within our local community, County, Region and Nationally.

Our Mission:

Advance the understanding and education of the visual arts to benefit the lives of our communities 

Our Vision:

To present the best work being made in Wales and bring to Wales, some of the most important and interesting work being produced nationally and internationally. To deliver a programme of education / participation / engagement activities that is relevant to the lives of our communities.

Our Aims:

1. We will provide opportunities for artists and raise the curatorial standards of our exhibitions by presenting work that excites and challenges. We will work in partnership and collaboration with other organisations to achieve this.

2. We will identify and nurture creative talent and deliver a learning programme for people of all ages to fulfil their potential, develop their skills, confidence, health and wellbeing.

3. We will champion equality of access to the arts and aim to reach as wide an audience as possible. Our programmes and activities will contribute to the Well-being of Future Generations Act, particularly: a Wales of cohesive communities and a Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language.

4. We will reinforce our position as a valued and needed resource within the Town, County, Region and Nationally.

5. We will aim to create a sustainable and resilient future for the organisation. 

We have ambitious plans for the future. If you would like to know more about our work please get in touch and request a copy of current business plan.